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Piping Termite Treatment Delhi

Termites Treatment Piping Technology

Termite treatment through the piping system is known as the Pipe Reticulation System which is a revolutionary system designed to effectively treat the area or space under concrete slabs or before the completion of flooring. This type of replenishable termite treatment system is a network of underground specially designed pipes to induce anti-termite chemicals uniformly throughout the foundations of buildings, campuses, houses, etc. Regulating the chemical flow, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites in the future which would otherwise enter from the outside of your premises or from under the floor. A piping system is a very cost-effective method for anti-termite treatment. This is the latest technology and can be installed before the flooring. A network of pipe technology with inbuilt imported pressure regulating emitters laid under the floor inside & outside the periphery of the premises. 

Once the premise is ready Anti-Termite chemicals are injected into the pipe network with a special pressure pump which spreads in a uniform manner from one end to the other end of the premise. This treatment has to be repeated as and when necessary.

Pest Control Piping Termite Treatment DelhiThis Porous Pipe is made out of recycled rubber giving it unique flexibility and no crimping (Curl tightly). This pipe can be used in Residential bungalows and flats, Commercial offices, Factories, and Plants, and also for irrigation purposes in gardens during landscaping.

What are the advantages of porous piping Termite Treatment? 

  • No Drilling of holes in the floor to inject termite chemicals is required.
  • Tedious work of removing the furniture in the area is not required.
  • No pungent smell of the termite chemical is released on the premises.
  • No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building.
  • Unlike conventional termite injection method, there is even distribution of the chemical under
  • No Stains discoloring or marks on the costly floors.
  • This Pipe does not choke or clog since it is designed for the sub-surface application.
  • It can stand high pressure.
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